Woman shocked upon seeing the contents of her Aldi 'Too Good to Go' box

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.20 - 2023 2:11 PM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons / Shutterstock.com
Photo: Wikipedia Commons / Shutterstock.com
Woman shocked upon seeing the contents of her Aldi 'Too Good to Go' box.

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Leah Smith, a woman from Hamilton, Scotland, shared her disappointment on Twitter over the contents of a "Too Good To Go" (TGTG) box she purchased from Aldi for £3.30 ($4.12)

The TGTG initiative aims to reduce food waste by selling unsold items at a reduced price, typically promising contents worth at least £10 ($12.47).

However, Smith's expectations were not met when she opened the box to find eight packets of mixed leaf salad expiring on the same day, along with a limited selection of other items, including eight panini rolls, a packet of radishes, one green pepper, and pak choi.

On Twitter, where Smith shared her experience, she posted pictures of the contents and expressed her disappointment with the caption: "Got an Aldi Too Good To Go [box]. Eight salads."

Her post quickly garnered over 1.4 million views, sparking a wave of reactions from other users. Some sympathized and shared similar experiences with Aldi's TGTG boxes, while others suggested she could have refused the box at the store.

Despite her initial letdown, Smith demonstrated resourcefulness by transforming the surplus salad leaves into a tasty lettuce soup, which she prepared by blending the salad with garlic and cream.

The experience with Aldi's TGTG boxes appears to be a mixed bag for customers. Some Twitter users reported luckier finds, such as a box containing a whole chicken, pizza dough, and other delicacies. One customer even mentioned receiving a tomahawk steak in their TGTG box.

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