Woman spends $215 on a lobster: You'll be surprised when you see what she does with it

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.22 - 2023 12:38 PM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
You'll be surprised when you see what she does with it.

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A Swiss woman dining at the Gente di Mare restaurant in Sardinia did something quite unexpected. Upon seeing a lobster in the restaurant's aquarium, she decided to buy it for $215.

But instead of having it cooked and served, she had other plans.

According to The Telegraph the woman was shocked when she saw the lobster in the aquarium and immediately requested to buy it "alive and unharmed," according to Antonio Fasolino, the restaurant owner.

Initially, Fasolino thought she was joking but soon realized she was serious.

Typically, customers at the restaurant enjoy their lobsters with pasta, onions, and lemon, and most importantly, dead.

However, this time, the lobster was served in a bucket of water. The Swiss tourist then took the lobster to the water's edge, giving it a chance to live. It's unknown how the lobster has fared since its release.

The restaurant is located by the promenade, making it a short walk to the water. Fasolino said the woman insisted on releasing the lobster herself.

"She wanted to do a good deed. She seemed very moved and hugged me afterward," Fasolino told the media.

The woman's actions have left many stunned, including the restaurant owner, who was touched by her compassion. It was a unique and heartwarming incident that defies the usual expectations of a dining experience.

You can watch the heartwarming gesture in the video below:

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