Zelensky and Pope Francis Unite in Pursuit of Peace for Ukraine

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.29 - 2023 10:13 AM CET

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky held a phone conversation with Pope Francis, discussing Ukraine's 10-point "peace formula" as part of efforts to resolve the ongoing conflict with Russia.

The call, which took place on December 28, was announced by Zelensky in his evening address.

The peace plan, first unveiled by Zelensky in November 2022, emphasizes the withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukrainian territory, reinstating Ukraine's territorial integrity, and the liberation of all prisoners of war and deportees. Additional facets of the plan include ensuring energy, food security, and nuclear safety.

President Zelensky expressed his gratitude to Pope Francis for his Christmas messages of peace and solidarity towards Ukraine and Ukrainians.

He acknowledged the Pope's aspirations for a just peace in the region. The two leaders also discussed collaborative efforts on the Peace Formula, which has garnered the involvement of over 80 nations.

This recent dialogue follows Zelensky's visit to the Vatican in May, where he had a conversation with Pope Francis lasting over 30 minutes. The Vatican has been vocal in its support for Ukraine, with Pope Francis consistently urging for peace and stability in the war-torn nation in his public addresses.

The phone call comes amidst ongoing conflict, with the Kremlin having recently dismissed the possibility of peace talks with Ukraine on December 21. Ukrainian and Western leaders remain skeptical about Russia's commitment to sincere peace negotiations.

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