Zelensky Calls on NATO to Intercept Russian Missiles Over Ukraine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.21 - 2024 11:07 AM CET

Photo: Oleksandr Osipov / Shutterstock.com
Photo: Oleksandr Osipov / Shutterstock.com
Ukrainian President Zelensky proposes NATO intervention to intercept Russian missiles, aiming to protect Ukraine and its neighbors.

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In a recent interview with Brazilian journalists, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky proposed that NATO aircraft should intercept Russian missiles over Ukraine.

This bold suggestion highlights the ongoing tension in the region and the potential threat these missiles pose not only to Ukraine but also to neighboring countries.

Zelensky's strategy involves leveraging the airspace of NATO member countries that neighbor Ukraine, such as Poland and Romania, which have previously experienced stray missiles.

"If this aviation were to rise from the territories of our neighboring countries and shoot down the missiles undoubtedly headed for Ukraine, which could also reach these territories, I would only applaud this action," Zelensky stated.

The Ukrainian leader is pushing for a more aggressive posture from NATO, suggesting that preemptive defensive measures could help safeguard both Ukraine and its neighbors from Russian missile attacks.

Zelensky also mentioned that Ukraine is set to sign bilateral security agreements with Washington, Oslo, and Stockholm, as well as with one of the Baltic states in the coming months. These agreements will encompass military aid and humanitarian support, along with assistance in restoring Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Zelensky's Take on Putin's Fears

Further in the interview, Zelensky expressed his view that Russian President Vladimir Putin harbors a significant fear of Ukraine.

"Putin is very afraid of us, I'm sure of it. Because he is not confident in himself. Confident people with a large army and a large state with so much nuclear weaponry do not threaten the world," Zelensky remarked.

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