Zelensky: Ceasefire Needs International Backing, Not Just Words

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jul.04 - 2024 11:40 AM CET

Photo: PBS on YouTube
Photo: PBS on YouTube
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has dismissed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's proposal.

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During an interview with Bloomberg TV, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's recent proposal for an immediate ceasefire during his visit to Ukraine.

Zelensky stated that a simple call for a ceasefire is not enough without a solid plan and international backing.

Distrust of Russia

Zelensky made it clear that he does not trust Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a "murderer and an aggressor."

He stated that Hungary needs to recognize Russia as an aggressor and support Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

"We cannot trust Putin," Zelensky said, referring to the fact that Russia has broken past ceasefire agreements made under the Minsk agreements.

Need for a Clear Plan

Zelensky stressed the importance of having a plan supported by trusted countries to ensure any ceasefire is real and effective.

"Only if it will be on an international, understandable platform with trusted countries and leaders. We must all be on the same side and trust each other," he said.

He also warned that Russia might use a ceasefire to gather more military equipment in occupied Ukrainian areas while Ukraine would be unable to respond because of the ceasefire terms.

Orban's Proposal

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban admitted that Zelensky rejected his proposed ceasefire, which suggested freezing the current front line.

Orban acknowledged that Zelensky doubted the logic of his plan and did not support it, citing Ukraine's negative experiences with past truces with Russia.

"Such truces were not good for Ukraine," Orban recounted Zelensky's words.

Following the meeting in Kyiv, Hungary's Foreign Minister contacted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.