Zelensky's Bold Proposal: Redirect $300 Billion in Frozen Russian Assets to Support Ukraine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.07 - 2024 8:11 AM CET

Photo: President.gov.ua
Photo: President.gov.ua
Zelensky's Bold Proposal.

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A large amount of money has been confiscated since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. Among other things, Russia has had $300 Billion frozen, and there is a certain gentleman who would like to see it go to Ukraine.

In a bold move, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has called on Western nations to transfer $300 billion in frozen Russian assets abroad to Ukraine. This appeal comes amid escalating discussions in the West about the confiscation of Russian assets.

A Fair Step for Aggression Reparation

President Zelensky emphasized that redirecting these assets to Ukraine would be a just measure, compelling Russia to "pay for its aggression."

"This is a historic opportunity to make the terrorist state pay for its terror. The Russian elite and leadership do not care about human lives, but they do care about money above all else." Zelensky states on X.

"For them, losing assets will be the most painful loss. They will sense the true strength of the international community and see that the world is stronger than terror." he continues.

Read all of Zelenskys post in the embed link from X below.

Financial Assistance Challenges for Ukraine

The urgency of Zelensky's request is underlined by recent setbacks in securing financial aid for Ukraine. Two major financial assistance packages, totaling more than $110 billion, failed to materialize.

The US Congress was unable to pass a bill for a $60 billion allocation, while Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban blocked the release of 50 billion euros in aid from the European Union.

In light of these funding challenges, the confiscation of Russian assets has emerged as a potential alternative for financing aid to Ukraine.

Western media outlets have reported that the United States is actively encouraging its European allies to consider this course of action.