Zelensky's former advisor voiced three scenarios for Ukraine in 2024

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.10 - 2023 10:22 AM CET

Photo: President.gov.ua
Photo: President.gov.ua
Zelensky's former advisor voiced three scenarios for Ukraine in 2024.

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Former advisor to the head of the Ukrainian president's office, Alexey Arestovich, has outlined three scenarios for the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.

According to him, Russia, the USA, and China could agree on a ceasefire, or everything could remain as before, ultimately leading to Kyiv's defeat.

Another option, in his view, is the West increasing its support.

"The first scenario involves Russia, the USA, and China agreeing on a ceasefire, which for Ukraine would mean not war, but also not peace. Local conflicts would arise," Arestovich stated, as reported by the Polish publication Rzeczpospolita.

In the second scenario, the former advisor noted, the lack of support from the West would lead to defeat on several frontlines. This, in turn, would lead Kyiv to look for those responsible, also leading to internal conflicts.

The third scenario, according to Arestovich, It envisages Ukraine's victory if the West increases its support and sends a lot of weapons.

In early December, Arestovich claimed that accumulated contradictions within the country could provoke a new "Maidan." As an alternative, he mentioned a military coup.

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