Zelensky's Stark Warning: 'Putin Will Eat You for Dinner'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.02 - 2024 8:41 AM CET

Photo: President's Office
Photo: President's Office
'Putin Will Eat You for Dinner' states Zelensky.

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In a recent interview with The Economist, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a stark warning about Russian President Vladimir Putin's ambitions, suggesting a dire outcome for Europe and democratic values if Russia's aggression goes unchecked.

Zelensky's comments come amidst ongoing Russian military actions in Ukraine and a broader geopolitical struggle impacting the region.

"Putin Will Eat You for Dinner"

Zelensky cautioned that allowing Russia to continue its current trajectory would have far-reaching consequences beyond Ukraine's borders. "Putin will eat you for dinner along with the EU, NATO, freedom, and democracy," he stated, highlighting the Russian leader's perceived threat to the foundational principles of European and transatlantic security.

The Strategic Importance of Crimea and the Black Sea

The Ukrainian president emphasized the need to shift the focus of the war to Crimea and the Black Sea, areas he considers crucial in reducing Russian attacks on Ukraine.

He stressed the importance of targeting Russian forces in Crimea to alleviate the military pressure on Ukrainian cities.

Zelensky's message to Europe was clear: support for Ukraine is not just about aiding a nation under attack but about safeguarding the broader principles of liberty and democracy.

He urged European countries to recognize the gravity of the situation and to bolster their support for Ukraine, warning of the potential consequences of complacency or inaction.