Zelenskyy Addresses Global Leaders in Big Interview

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.02 - 2024 8:53 AM CET

Photo: President.gov.ua
Photo: President.gov.ua

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In a recent interview with The Economist, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy voiced his concerns about the waning sense of urgency regarding the war in Ukraine among Western allies and some Ukrainians.

He emphasized the existential threat posed by the ongoing conflict and the need for continued support and awareness.

President Zelenskyy expressed his frustration with what he perceives as the hesitation of some Western allies. He believes that the West has lost its sense of urgency about the war, which poses a risk not only to Ukraine but to European security at large.

He emphasized that by supporting Ukraine, Europe is, in effect, protecting itself from Russian aggression.

Putin's Aggression and the Reality on the Ground

Describing Russian President Vladimir Putin as an animal sensing weakness, Zelenskyy asserted that Putin's aggression is a direct threat to values such as freedom and democracy. He noted that despite perceptions to the contrary, the Russian military is facing significant losses, especially in areas like Avdiivka.

Zelenskyy stressed the need for continued mobilization, not just in terms of military efforts but in all sectors, to support Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He pointed out that the initial surge of mobilization seen at the war's onset has diminished and that a refocus on the conflict, away from domestic politics, is crucial.

Regarding the potential for negotiations, Zelenskyy expressed skepticism, noting the lack of genuine peace efforts from Russia. He described the recent intensification of air attacks on Ukrainian cities as actions of a terrorist state, suggesting that any signals from Russia indicating a desire to freeze the conflict are not driven by righteousness but by a need to replenish resources.

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