Zelenskyy invites Trump to Kyiv: 24 minutes is all it would take

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.06 - 2023 11:44 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
24 minutes is all it would take.

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In a bold move countering Donald Trump's claim of being able to end the Ukraine-Russia war in 24 hours if elected in 2024, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has issued a unique invitation to the former U.S. President.

This is reported by NBC.

Zelenskyy asserts that only a 24-minute conversation is necessary to explain the complexities of the conflict and why such a rapid resolution is unattainable, citing Putin's involvement as a significant barrier.

This invitation underscores Zelenskyy's skepticism of Trump's assertion and highlights the Ukrainian leader's strategic use of diplomacy.

Zelenskyy contrasts Trump's absence from Ukraine with President Biden's visit, suggesting firsthand experience in Ukraine is crucial for understanding the situation. He voices uncertainty about Trump's support for Ukraine if re-elected, emphasizing the greater importance of American public opinion over institutional leadership in supporting Ukraine's cause.

Zelenskyy's stance amplifies the narrative of collective responsibility and the power of public sentiment in international politics.