Zelenskyy Suggests Putin May Have Had Prior Agreements Before Attacking Ukraine

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.26 - 2024 9:54 AM CET

Photo: President's Office
Photo: President's Office
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy raises concerns over possible prior agreements between Russia and other nations before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, labeling such actions as a betrayal.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has implied that Russian President Vladimir Putin might have launched the full-scale war against Ukraine after reaching clandestine agreements with other countries.

In an interview with The New York Times, Zelenskyy expressed his skepticism and anger at the possibility of such a betrayal by Ukraine's foreign partners.

"Putin Is Unhinged or Backed by Agreements"

In a striking statement, Zelenskyy suggested,

"He [Putin] is unhinged, because a sane person cannot launch a full-scale war against another state. He is either insane or he knew that he would not be punished for this, which means that there could have been some sort of dialogue with other countries."

He continued,

"I don't even want to consider this, because then it's not a partnership, it's a game behind our backs and a complete betrayal.

The Problem with Keeping Doors Slightly Open

Zelenskyy criticized the international community's hesitant stance toward Russia, noting,

"With Russia, everyone leaves the door slightly open, although not as open as they did after 2014."

He argued that many leaders, wary of future uncertainties, have left room for potential reconciliation with Russia. "But many leaders have left it a little open, thinking:

‘What will happen tomorrow? We have to somehow find a chance for tomorrow. What if Ukraine loses the war? We shouldn’t completely close the door on Russia,’" the President said.

Nuclear Threats and Putin's Calculations

Addressing the nuclear threat, Zelenskyy believes that if Putin intended to use nuclear weapons, he would have done so in the initial phase of the war.

"He did not use them, because he may be unhinged, but he loves his own life very much. Because he understands that the door will be completely closed if he uses nuclear weapons," Zelenskyy remarked.

This restraint, he posits, stems from Putin's self-preservation instincts and a recognition of the irreversible global consequences of such an action.

Sanctions and the Reality of War

Despite the severe sanctions imposed on Russia, Zelenskyy underscores the grim reality of ongoing war crimes in Ukraine.

He questions, "What could be a bigger escalation than massacres in Ukraine?" suggesting that the international community must rethink its strategies to deal with Russia's aggression.

The underlying message is clear: the time for half-measures and tentative policies is over, and a firm, united response is essential to support Ukraine and uphold global security.

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