Cat Toby, Missing Since 2012, Returns to Family After 11 Years

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.03 - 2023 6:33 PM CET

Cat Toby, Missing Since 2012, Returns to Family After 11 Years.

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After 11 years of absence, Toby, a white mixed-breed moggy, has miraculously returned to the Allan family, as reported by The Independent.

The Allans, who had moved from Galley Common to The Long Shoot in Nuneaton, England, lost Toby during their relocation in 2012.

In a surprising turn of events, a local woman found the now 14-year-old cat in Bedworth, nine miles from his original home.

The woman contacted Cats Protection, which facilitated Toby's reunion with his family. Justine Allan, a 52-year-old retired learning support assistant, expressed her astonishment and joy at Toby's unchanged appearance after so many years. Toby held a special place in the heart of Allan's youngest son, Charlie, who is now 23. Charlie had received Toby as a pet at the age of 12.

The significance of Toby's microchipping was highlighted in this reunion. Despite an outdated address, the phone number on the microchip remained the same, enabling the Allans to be contacted. Justine Allan emphasized the importance of microchipping pets, acknowledging its role in Toby's safe return.

Lorraine Conroy, a Cats Protection volunteer, played a key role in bringing Toby back.

She picked him up from the flat in Bedworth where he was found. The Allans, who now have an eight-month-old dog named Bernie, did not hesitate to welcome Toby back into their home.

Madison Rogers from Cats Protection commented on the heartwarming story, underscoring the value of microchipping in reuniting lost pets with their owners after extended periods.

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