Hero Pet Cat Saves Family

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.05 - 2023 1:59 PM CET

(Stockphoto) Photo: Wikipedia Commons
(Stockphoto) Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Hero Pet Cat Saves Family.

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In a remarkable incident in Kuantan, a pet cat named Hana heroically saved her owners, Ruhaifi Isyraf Saad, 45, and Siti Aishah Zainul, 41, from a house fire.

The event occurred early Sunday morning at around 4 am, as reported by The Star. Hana, unlike the couple's other 64 rescued street cats, prefers to sleep in the same room as Ruhaifi and Siti Aishah.

This preference turned out to be life-saving when Hana alerted the couple to the fire.

Ruhaifi expressed his gratitude for Hana's timely intervention, stating,

“I am grateful that Hana woke us up."

The fire, which was caused by an electrical short circuit, resulted in the destruction of various electrical appliances and furniture in their home at Perumahan Bukit Rangin Perdana Satu. The couple attempted to extinguish the fire using water and wet clothes but were ultimately unable to prevent the damage.

Siti Aishah recalled that this wasn't the first time they faced a crisis. During the major floods in 2021, it took the Veterinary Department over seven hours to rescue their cats.

The couple, who have been rescuing cats for nine years, treat their cats like their own children and spend about RM3,000 ($640) on their food.

Currently, they are staying with relatives as the electricity in their home has not been restored, leaving only the cats at the house.