Study Reveals Our Pets Receive the Most Expensive Christmas Gifts

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.04 - 2023 9:20 AM CET

Study Reveals Our Pets Receive the Most Expensive Christmas Gifts.

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A recent study has uncovered that, perhaps not in terms of the most expensive gifts, but certainly in quantity, our pets are surpassing others in the Christmas gift department. The study reveals that the budget allocated for pet gifts often exceeds what we might typically spend on top-ranking recipients of our holiday generosity.

This year, British pet owners are reportedly spending more on Christmas gifts for their pets than for their partners, and in some cases, even more than for their children. Despite economic challenges, many choose to lavish extra attention on their four-legged family members during the festive season. According to a survey conducted by Petplan, 77% of pet owners plan to give Christmas gifts to their pets.

In London, over a third (37%) of pet owners admit that their pets will receive as many gifts as their children. The range of gifts varies from special treats and toys to personalized items, with some pets even enjoying a full Christmas dinner at the table.

For those looking for pet gift ideas, here are five top tips to make the holiday season sweeter for your furry friend:

  1. Thoughtful Clothing: While clothes and accessories may look cute, pet gifts should be practical and safe. Consider practical clothing like reflective jackets and collars, and don't force your pet to wear something they're uncomfortable with.

  2. Brain Games: In addition to physical activities, mental stimulation is important for pets. Puzzle toys for dogs and cats can entertain and challenge their cognitive skills.

  3. Be Careful with Wrapping: Be mindful of materials when wrapping pet gifts. Ribbons and tape can be choking hazards for dogs, cats, and rabbits. Assist your pet in unwrapping their gift.

  4. Safe Snacking: Ensure that Christmas treats do not contain anything harmful to your pet. Avoid chocolate, onions, nuts, blue cheese, and dried fruits, and do not give meat on bones, as it can be a choking hazard.

  5. Pets are a Lifelong Responsibility: Remember that pets require a lot of care and responsibility. Consider carefully before giving a pet as a gift.

Bella von Mesterhazy from Petplan states, "The increasing trend of making our pets a prominent part of our Christmas celebrations reflects the vital role they play in families across the UK – and in some cases, our eagerness to pamper them at Christmas surpasses how we spoil our partners and human family members!"

The survey also revealed the top 10 most popular pet gifts for 2023:

  1. Food and edible treats

  2. Chew toys

  3. Cuddly toys

  4. Balls

  5. Home items (e.g., beds and blankets)

  6. Bones

  7. Personalized items (e.g., collars and bowls)

  8. Catnip or dog balm

  9. Scratching posts

  10. Pet clothing