This Christmas Food Should Never Be Given to Your Dog

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.23 - 2023 10:58 AM CET

This Christmas Food Should Never Be Given to Your Dog.

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Christmas is upon us, and the big day is rapidly approaching. This also means that people all over the world are busy preparing all sorts of delicacies in their kitchens, and those who have four-legged friends will undoubtedly see some wagging tails and pleading eyes begging for a taste of the treats.

However, pet owners should be cautious about what Christmas foods they feed their dogs, as some can lead to severe cleaning issues.

Much of the traditional Christmas fare is not suitable for dogs and can cause vomiting and diarrhea if their stomachs cannot tolerate it. Below, you can find out which parts of the Christmas meal should be kept in the fridge for yourself instead of being given to your dog.

Foods to Keep Away from Dogs

"We have a need to spoil our dogs on Christmas, and the intention is good - we just do it the wrong way," says Tine Antvorskov, director of Agria Dyreforsikring to

There are particularly three things you should avoid feeding your dog on Christmas Eve:

  1. Fatty and salted food, such as roast, duck, and brown gravy.

  2. Snacks, sweets, and sugary treats. However, chocolate is especially dangerous as the substance theobromin is toxic to dogs.

  3. Nuts and raisins. These also contain toxins that dogs cannot tolerate.

Agria Dyreforsikring also offers advice on what to look out for on Christmas, if your dog has eaten Christmas food.

If the dog becomes lethargic, loses its appetite, or adopts a sort of prayer position, these are classic signs that the dog is sick and in pain. Therefore, you should keep a close eye on your dog, and if the condition does not improve, it should be taken to the vet.

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