Watch: The Hilarious Reaction of a Dog When Its Owner Prepares to Brush Its Teeth

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.25 - 2024 7:29 PM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
'I'm not sure if he likes it or not'

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A dog has become an internet sensation after its owner posted a Tik Tok video showcasing its reaction to getting its teeth brushed. The video has amassed over 47 million views and four million likes.

The video starts with the dog sitting on the bed, eyeing its owner curiously as she carefully applies toothpaste to the brush. Initially, the animal appears curious, but as the process continues, its reaction becomes genuinely funny.

By the time the woman finishes applying the toothpaste, the dog is joyfully baring its fangs, giving an expression that suggests it's ready for a thorough dental cleaning. It's not clear whether the dog is excited or terrified about what's next, as its look has sparked confusion among users.

Fans have flooded the comments with humorous remarks, highlighting the dog's funny and adorable behavior:

"I think he doesn't like it, but I'm not sure"

"Your dog is officially more cooperative than my kids when it comes to brushing their teeth!"

"How cute he is when he shows his fangs!"

"I wish I could do that with my dog without getting bitten!”

“Such excellent training! No other dog enjoys teeth brushing this much!”

“I want a dog that shows its fangs with such enthusiasm!”.