A Brain Teaser For The Strong Minded Ones: Can You Solve It?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.02 - 2024 11:37 AM CET

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Can you solve this brain teaser?

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A brain-teasing math puzzle featuring four small numbers and basic arithmetic has sparked a divide among internet users. While it appears straightforward at first glance, the puzzle cleverly conceals a twist.

This conundrum has been making the rounds online for quite some time, igniting fervent discussions over its correct solution. Are you able to crack it?

What is the answer?

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At the outset, the puzzle seems clear-cut – after all, 1+4 equals 5. But as you delve deeper, it becomes evident that this isn't just about simple math; it's a brain teaser designed to challenge your IQ.

The puzzle's complexity arises from the existence of two potential methods to solve it, yet only one yields the correct result.

Pay close attention and discern the pattern

Examine the pattern below and try to identify the underlying relationship. Scrutinize each line individually. Have you figured out the crux of the puzzle? Ponder for a moment and select the correct answer.


The solution should be derived using a specific formula, which is: a+ab, where 'a' and 'b' represent the numbers on the left.

Starting from the top: 1+1x4 results in 5 (similar to 1+4). Moving on, we have 2+2x5 equaling 12, and so forth. Consequently, the number 96 (8+8x11) comes into question.

A significant number of people argue that the correct answer is 40. They suggest adding the result from the previous line to the current one. For instance, in the third line, adding 12 to 3 and 6 indeed yields 21. However, this approach doesn't hold up since it leaves the sequence incomplete. It would only be logical if we extended the equation as demonstrated in the LKLogic video on YouTube. By adding subsequent lines that match the sequence of digits in the column, we ultimately arrive at the number 96.

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