Brain Teaser: Solve the Equation by Moving Just Two Matches

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.29 - 2023 2:18 PM CET

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Photo: Private
Solve the Equation by Moving Just Two Matches.

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In today's world, where phones and computers do most of the thinking for us, it's rare that our logical thinking is truly challenged. However, it's still important to train our brains in other ways.

A great way to do this is through brain teasers that require full concentration and get those brain cells colliding.

Brain exercises can take many forms, with crossword puzzles and Sudoku being some of the most common. However, the internet is full of various riddles and challenges for self-improvement. Despite their diversity, they often have one thing in common – they require intense concentration to solve.

The Challenge: Move Two Matches

Now, it's time for today's puzzle. Below is an equation made of matches. As it currently stands, the equation is incorrect. Your task is to make the equation correct by moving just two matches.

Are you ready for the brain teaser? Here it comes.

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The Solution

You need to move two matches to correct the equation. Do you have a solution in mind? If not, the answer is provided below.

Here's how it's done! And now the equation adds up!

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