Only people with laser vision can spot the cat among the skyscrapers in 7 seconds

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.11 - 2023 10:59 AM CET

Only people with laser vision can spot the cat among the skyscrapers in 7 seconds.

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Test Your Skills: If you enjoy solving fun games and puzzles, then this brain teaser is for you! Challenges allow you to use your creativity and engage your brain in a different way. These types of games make a simple puzzle much more captivating by adding a time constraint.

To find the answer, it's often necessary to think unconventionally and approach the challenge from a different angle. We present to you an interesting puzzle in which you must spot the hidden error in the image.

In the image above, you can see a city resembling New York, and among all these skyscrapers, a cat is cleverly hidden.

Your task is to spot it as quickly as possible.

To find it, carefully observe the image before answering the question, as the solution is simple but subtle. This simple test of your observational skills will allow you to assess your vision.

The timer starts now:

Photo: Private

Note that the answer to this puzzle is provided just below the question, so make sure not to scroll too far to avoid cheating!


If you still haven't found it, here's a hint: Look more towards the left of the image.

Solution to the Puzzle:

In this challenge, you must identify the small cat in the image of skyscrapers.

Now, examine the image closely again and try to find the feline.

A huge round of applause for the readers who managed to spot the cat within the allotted time.

Here's where the feline is:

Photo: Private

Such types of puzzles don't require special skills but are a simple test of observation. However, it feels good to find the answer in a few moments.

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