You're a genius if you can solve this brain teaser in 15 seconds: How does the man in the elevator survive?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.23 - 2023 3:03 PM CET

Foto: Private
Foto: Private
You're a genius if you can solve this brain teaser in 15 seconds?

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I'm fascinated by puzzles and brain teasers. They're not only entertaining but also a way to show off my skills compared to my friends and family. It's incredibly exciting to solve a tough puzzle – it makes me feel really smart and somewhat of a show-off.

My fascination with these puzzles began in my childhood during elementary school. One of my math teachers introduced us to various puzzles that challenged us to think creatively. They weren't just standard math problems – these were intriguing and entertaining puzzles that were fun to ponder.

And in an era where mental training is becoming increasingly popular, a new puzzle has taken the internet by storm.

The puzzles I encountered early in life have had a lasting impact. Nowadays, whether I'm solving a simple crossword or tackling a more challenging brain teaser, I see it as an effective way to exercise my brain. In a time when we're all glued to our electronic devices, it seems more important than ever to keep our minds active and sharp.

Admittedly, you're also viewing this brain teaser on an electronic device, but you probably get my point.

How does the man in the elevator survive?

The brain teaser presented below is one of the tough ones. It took me a long time to find the solution, and I'll admit I couldn't do it in 15 seconds. But can you?

The image you saw at the top of the article and the one you see below don't really have anything to do with the puzzle. They're just illustrations to provide a pleasant visual and add to the experience.

Are you ready for the puzzle? - Here it comes!

An elevator is on the ground floor. There are four people in the elevator, including me. When the elevator reaches the first floor, one person gets out, and three people get in. The elevator goes up to the second floor, where 2 people get out, and 6 people get in. Then it goes up to the next floor, no one gets out, but 12 people get in. Halfway up to the next floor, the elevator cable snaps, and it crashes to the ground. Everyone in the elevator dies, but I survived. How did I survive?

Here comes the answer

If you've gotten this far, I assume you've either read the puzzle and solved it or read the puzzle and wondered how on earth I could have survived.

If you managed to solve the puzzle, give yourself a pat on the back. It's a really tough one. If you're among those who couldn't solve it, you'll probably laugh a bit when you get the answer. While it's difficult, it's quite simple once you read the answer. Ready? - Here's the answer

Answer: I got out when the elevator was on the 2nd floor.

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