Here's How to Create a Kinder Bueno Tiramisu so Divine, You'll Savor Every Spoonful

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.12 - 2024 2:32 PM CET

Photo: Kinder
Photo: Kinder
This Kinder Bueno Tiramisu is 'Lick-Your-Moustache Good'

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Not many can resist the allure of Kinder chocolate, and equally, few can deny the charm of a classic Tiramisu. Imagine combining these two delights into one scrumptious dessert!

Kinder, the renowned chocolate brand, shares an easy-to-follow recipe for making the most exquisite Kinder Bueno Tiramisu.

This dessert doesn't require much time to prepare, promising a luxurious treat without the fuss.


  • 40g chopped hazelnuts

  • 20 ladyfingers

  • 150ml cold espresso (or cocoa, as an alternative)

  • 150ml cream

  • 70g sugar

  • 9 chilled Kinder Bueno® bars

  • 200g mascarpone

  • 600g quark


  1. Start by roasting the hazelnuts in a pan, then set them aside to cool.

  2. Place 10 ladyfingers in a dish and drizzle them with 75ml of the espresso.

  3. Whip the cream and sugar together until stiff peaks form.

  4. Finely chop 5 Kinder Bueno bars. Break the remaining bars into pieces and set aside for later.

  5. In a separate bowl, mix the mascarpone with the quark and the finely chopped Kinder Bueno bars. Gently fold this mixture into the whipped cream.

  6. Spread half of the cream mixture over the ladyfingers in the dish. Place the remaining 10 ladyfingers on top, drizzle with the remaining espresso, and then add another layer of the cream mixture.

  7. Refrigerate the Tiramisu for approximately 2 hours to allow it to set.

  8. Before serving, sprinkle the Tiramisu with the roasted hazelnuts and decorate with the remaining Kinder Bueno pieces as a topping.

Enjoy this divine fusion of Kinder Bueno and Tiramisu, a dessert sure to delight any chocolate lover's palate.

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