"Tense Dynamic" Between Meghan and Harry Over New Lifestyle

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.03 - 2024 2:08 PM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have contrasting views on one aspect of their lives.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan tied the knot in 2018 with a lavish celebration attended by guests from around the world. The entire world watched as the British prince and Meghan Markle wed in Windsor on June 18, 2018, creating a buzz of excitement in the small English town.

In 2020, Harry and Meghan stepped down from their royal duties and relocated to the United States to live a life financially independent of the palace.

Several years have passed since then. The British royal and the former actress, now raising two children together, have consistently demonstrated their ability to overcome challenges together.

"Harry Hates Showbiz" - Unlike Meghan

According to a royal expert, the couple's approach to their new working life in the US reveals a "tense dynamic" between Meghan and Harry.

Meghan has reportedly aimed to establish herself and Harry as Hollywood's new power couple. Their efforts have largely been unsuccessful.

Royal commentator Kevin O'Sullivan notes that the couple probably don’t see eye to eye regarding their goals in California: "That's the tense dynamic in this relationship. Harry hates showbiz, he doesn't understand it, and it's not part of his world."

"And that's why Hollywood hasn't accepted him; he's an outsider in the film industry, which has no interest in him," the royal expert continued. "He doesn’t want to be in movies or write scripts."

"Harry wants nothing to do with it," said O'Sullivan about the British-born prince, who is often reported to regret having burned his bridges with his family and homeland of Great Britain.

Harry's Struggles in Montecito

When American Meghan Markle married British Prince Harry, it was a big adjustment for her. Meghan had to adapt to the numerous strict rules at court and relied heavily on Harry to navigate her new royal life.

The situation shifted when the couple moved to California in 2020. Meghan benefitted from her American contacts, while Harry left most of his friends behind in Great Britain.

Experts have long suspected that this poses a challenge for the former prince.

"Harry has not only lost his family, his royal status, and his military connections, but also many friends," royal expert Phil Dampier told the Mirror last year. "I don't get the impression that he has a circle of drinking buddies with whom he can relax in Montecito, which is mainly an elderly population. And I'm sure that's taking its toll."

Susan Trombetti, CEO of the luxury dating platform Exclusive Matchmaking, is also critical of the couple's dynamic in California. She suggests that Prince Harry needs to avoid becoming too dependent on his partner for his social life.

In her opinion, it is crucial that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan maintain separate social lives.

"Not having your own life is very detrimental," Susan Trombetti tells The List. Relying solely on your partner for your social life "basically means you don't have your own friends or friendship relationships to invest in. Everyone needs their own thing."

"As in any relationship, you have to develop outside interests and bring them in," she said. "He just has to find his way, as anyone would have to. It's just harder for him because he simply can't run into the local bar and play a game of pool and darts without causing a paparazzi uproar."

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