One of These F1-drivers Could Be the One to Succeed Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.02 - 2024 8:14 AM CET

Photo: Jose Breton - Pics Action /
Photo: Jose Breton - Pics Action /
One of These F1-drivers Could Be the One to Succeed Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes.

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With Lewis Hamilton's transition to Ferrari in 2025 now confirmed, Mercedes finds itself with ample time to scout a worthy successor for one of Formula 1's most illustrious careers. The end of the season will see more than half of the current grid out of contract, presenting Mercedes with a wide array of choices, as noted by Reuters. The list of potential replacements is as varied as it is surprising, including names not currently competing in Formula 1.

Among the notable candidates is CARLOS SAINZ, the 29-year-old Spaniard displaced by Hamilton. Sainz is reportedly a key prospect for Audi's anticipated entry into the sport with Sauber in 2026, raising questions about his availability for Mercedes and whether a short-term or extended contract might be on the cards.

ALEX ALBON, at 27, has proven his mettle at Williams, achieving commendable success and could be a straightforward choice for Mercedes. His history with George Russell at Williams and connections within the Mercedes camp add layers of intrigue to his potential candidacy.

ANDREA KIMI ANTONELLI, the 17-year-old Italian prodigy, is already tied to Mercedes and represents a long-term investment for the future. His progression could be accelerated by stints at teams like Williams to garner experience.

MICK SCHUMACHER, Michael Schumacher’s 24-year-old son and the team's official reserve, remains a sentimental choice but faces stiff competition from other prospects. His challenging tenure at Haas and current engagement with Alpine's endurance team further complicate his path back to a primary race seat.

ESTEBAN OCON's ties with Mercedes and his ongoing tenure with Renault/Alpine position him as a seasoned candidate, albeit one whose prospects may have dimmed in light of newer talents emerging on the scene.

VALTTERI BOTTAS, previously Hamilton's teammate, and FERNANDO ALONSO, the seasoned double world champion currently with Aston Martin, both present intriguing possibilities, with their vast experience and proven track records.

Lastly, the idea of persuading SEBASTIAN VETTEL to emerge from retirement, mirroring Schumacher’s late-career return, adds an element of speculation and excitement to the mix, despite Vettel's noncommittal stance on a comeback following his departure from Aston Martin in 2022.

As Mercedes evaluates its options, the decision will not only reflect the team's immediate competitive aspirations but also its strategic direction in the evolving landscape of Formula 1.

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