Who Would Have Thought: Brazil Gains One of the World's Best Skiers

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.09 - 2024 4:24 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Brazil Gains One of the World's Best Skiers.

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The skiing world was left in shock when 23-year-old Norwegian Lucas Braathen hung up his skis last year. This decision came after a prolonged conflict with the Norwegian Ski Federation, leading one of the world's top alpine skiers to retire.

However, Lucas Braathen can now dust off his skis, having successfully switched nationalities to a notably surprising country.

Brazil, not widely recognized for its skiing prowess, is the country Braathen will represent as he races down the pristine white slopes in the future.

The reason behind choosing Brazil lies in Braathen's maternal Brazilian heritage, allowing for the nationality switch.

Speaking to the media outlet Klartale.no, Lucas Braathen expressed his gratitude towards the Norwegian Ski Federation for parting on amicable terms despite their conflict.

"I would like to thank the Norwegian Ski Federation for allowing us to part as good friends," he said.

The Norwegian Ski Federation also expressed happiness about Braathen's return to the sport, even though he will be representing another country.

"We are glad that Lucas is back on skis. We would have liked to see him represent Norway. However, we respect his decision to compete for Brazil," said Claus Johan Ryste from the Norwegian Ski Federation.

Lucas Braathen has already claimed both Olympic and World Cup gold in his brief career.

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