Activate "Purple Mode" in the Latest Version of WhatsApp: Here's How

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.19 - 2024 3:55 PM CET

Activate "Purple Mode" in the Latest Version of WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp continues to be one of the most downloaded apps globally, with Meta's program offering a range of features. In its latest version, it's now possible to enable Meta AI intelligence and use filters to find conversations faster, create custom stickers, organize contacts, and more. If you haven't activated it yet, you can do so immediately through the settings.

However, WhatsApp is set to undergo a more colorful change across its platform, similar to Telegram. Although the messaging app remains in beta, there's a simple trick to activate the "purple mode". Ready to try it?

You don't need to download any APKs or unknown third-party programs, as many of them can steal your personal information without your knowledge.

How to Activate "Purple Mode" in WhatsApp:
  1. Download the Nova Launcher app from Google Play for free. Here's the link.

  2. Open the app and customize your cell phone's desktop style.

  3. Set it as the default to avoid returning to the previous customization layer.

  4. Go to your favorite browser and search for the WhatsApp icon in purple. Make sure it's in PNG and transparent.

  5. Press and hold the WhatsApp icon for two seconds.

  6. A drawer of functions will appear, select "Edit".

  7. Press again on the messaging app logo, select Applications, Photos, and then choose the image you downloaded earlier.

  8. Click "Done" to successfully activate "Purple Mode" in WhatsApp quickly and easily.

What Does "End-to-End Encryption" Mean in WhatsApp?
  • The "end-to-end encryption" message appears in our WhatsApp chats when we start chatting with someone new.

  • It also appears when someone has deleted our conversations and wants to chat with us again.

  • This encryption changes frequently to enhance the security of our conversations.

  • All your chats on WhatsApp are completely secure. No one, not even Meta, can access your conversations unless you decide otherwise.

  • To make this message disappear, go to Settings > Account > Security Notifications and disable the "Show security notifications on this phone" option.

Why You're Not Receiving the WhatsApp Verification Code:
  • Ensure you're connected to the internet through data or WiFi and try again.

  • Make sure your SIM card is properly inserted. Sometimes the slot does not fully accept the card; give it a slight push.

  • Contact your operator to see if there's anything else you need to do with your phone line.

  • The verification code won't arrive if your phone is on "Do Not Disturb" mode, which prevents messages from being received as they should.

  • Alternatively, you can use the call option for WhatsApp to provide you with the verification code for manual entry.

How to Lock Individual WhatsApp Chats:
  1. Open the fully updated WhatsApp app.

  2. Navigate to any conversation you've had with a friend.

  3. Tap on their profile name to access a menu of options.

  4. Enable "Chat Lock".

  5. You'll need to use facial recognition or a password in the app.

  6. Set a password to protect your chats.

  7. Your chats will now appear in the "Locked Chats" area at the top.

  8. Whenever you want to enter, you'll be asked for your password, fingerprint, or face.

If You Can't Transfer Ownership of Your WhatsApp Channel:
  1. Join the WhatsApp for Android beta.

  2. Tap on the "News" tab.

  3. Go to "Channels" section and enter one you manage.

  4. Tap its name to access chat settings.

  5. Scroll down and select "Transfer Ownership".

  6. You'll see a message: "Your channel has no administrators. You can only transfer ownership to administrators."

  7. Go back and select "Invite administrators" > choose up to 12 contacts.

  8. Return to "Transfer Ownership".

  9. Of all the admins, you can only give ownership to one.

How to Ensure WhatsApp Doesn't Degrade Video Quality:

With the latest WhatsApp update, when you share a video through the messaging platform, a new "HD" button will appear at the top bar. By tapping it, you can choose the video quality between two options: standard quality and HD quality.

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