Android 15 Update: List of Samsung Smartphones Set to Receive It

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.22 - 2024 11:00 AM CET

Photo: tomeqs /
Photo: tomeqs /
List of Samsung smartphones set to receive Android 15 Update.

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With the initial version of Android 15 now available for Pixel users, anticipation builds for which Samsung Galaxy smartphones will receive the final version, expected by year-end.

While Pixel users are already exploring Android 15's first Developer Preview, Samsung users are keenly awaiting their turn. As one of Android's largest manufacturers, Samsung boasts an extensive lineup of Galaxy devices poised for the Android 15 update. This article outlines all Galaxy devices expected to receive the One UI 7.0 update based on Android 15.

Enhanced Software Update Policy

Samsung has significantly improved its software update policy in recent years, promising three major OS updates and four years of security updates for most Galaxy devices. Impressively, the latest Galaxy S24 models are slated for updates for seven years. This implies that any Galaxy device launched with Android 12 or later is expected to receive the Android 15 update. Additionally, select older models that debuted with Android 11 or earlier might also receive the update, depending on popularity and hardware capabilities.

List of Galaxy Smartphones Expected to Receive Android 15

Below is a comprehensive list of current Galaxy devices anticipated to receive the Android 15 update. It does not include future devices like the Galaxy A55 and A35, which are naturally expected to receive the update.

  • Galaxy S Series

    • Galaxy S24 Ultra

    • Galaxy S24+

    • Galaxy S24

    • Galaxy S23 Ultra

    • Galaxy S23+

    • Galaxy S23

    • Galaxy S23 FE

    • Galaxy S22 Ultra

    • Galaxy S22+

    • Galaxy S22

    • Galaxy S21 FE

    • Galaxy S21 Ultra

    • Galaxy S21+

    • Galaxy S21

  • Galaxy Z Series

    • Galaxy Z Fold 5

    • Galaxy Z Flip 5

    • Galaxy Z Fold 4

    • Galaxy Z Flip 4

    • Galaxy Z Fold 3

    • Galaxy Z Flip 3

  • Galaxy A Series

    • Galaxy A73

    • Galaxy A72

    • Galaxy A54

    • Galaxy A53

    • Galaxy A34

    • Galaxy A33

    • Galaxy A25

    • Galaxy A24

    • Galaxy A23

    • Galaxy A15 5G

    • Galaxy A14 5G

  • Galaxy Tab Series

    • Galaxy Tab S9 FE+

    • Galaxy Tab S9 FE

    • Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

    • Galaxy Tab S9+

    • Galaxy Tab S9

    • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

    • Galaxy Tab S8+

    • Galaxy Tab S8

  • Galaxy F Series

    • Galaxy F54

    • Galaxy F34

    • Galaxy F15

  • Galaxy M Series

    • Galaxy M54

    • Galaxy M34

    • Galaxy M53

    • Galaxy M33

    • Galaxy M15

This list, based on Samsung's software update policy and current device availability, is provisional; Samsung may adjust it in the future.

Samsung typically rolls out One UI updates a few months after Google releases the stable version of Android. Therefore, the One UI 7.0 update based on Android 15 is expected by the end of 2024 or early 2025. Samsung might also launch a beta program for some devices before the final version, and we will keep you updated as soon as it becomes available.