Boost Your Samsung Galaxy: Activate These Hidden Settings for a Faster Phone

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.23 - 2024 10:22 PM CET

Photo: tomeqs /
Photo: tomeqs /
Activate these hidden settings to make your Samsung Galaxy run faster than ever.

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Samsung has revealed three hidden settings that can significantly enhance your phone's performance.

If your Samsung Galaxy device isn't as speedy as it used to be, these tweaks might be the solution you need.

Unleashing Your Samsung's Full Potential

Samsung’s Device Care settings are designed to keep your smartphone running at its best.

As Samsung explains via tech site Trend,

“Your Galaxy smartphone comes equipped with a built-in feature called Device Care, providing all the necessary tools to keep your device running smoothly.”

Automatic Optimization for Seamless Performance

To access these performance enhancements, head to Settings > Device Care. From there, select 'More Options' and then 'Advanced,' where you’ll find a list of features that can be automated.

The first setting to activate is 'Auto Optimization.' According to Samsung, this function runs your phone’s optimization tool once a day automatically. "This can help keep your Samsung running smoothly without any effort on your part," Samsung adds.

Regular Reboots for System Efficiency

The second valuable setting is 'Auto Restart,' which will automatically reboot your Samsung at a set time. This feature is particularly useful for clearing cache and refreshing system resources regularly.

Optimizing Settings for Battery Savings

Finally, there is 'Optimize Settings.' Samsung notes, "Enable to save battery by optimizing your settings when you’re not using your phone." This function automatically adjusts settings like screen brightness and network connections to extend battery life.

Implementing these small changes in your Samsung’s settings can make a big difference in your daily experience, ensuring your phone always performs at its peak.

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