Do you own a phone of this brand? You might want to look for a new one

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.11 - 2023 10:35 AM CET

You might want to look for a new one.

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The EU is planning to ban the brand on the telephone network, and this may mean that it's a good idea for you to look for a new phone.

Owners of Huawei phones may face a significant crossroads as the EU Commission now labels the Chinese tech giant, Huawei, along with ZTE, as security risks for the EU and urges member states to exclude them from their mobile networks

Consumers with phones from Huawei should start considering alternatives after the EU Commission's announcement on Thursday, stating that both Huawei and ZTE pose a higher security risk than other 5G providers. This is reported by Ritzau according to the media Electronic-supply.

"We cannot risk maintaining critical dependencies that could become a weapon against our own interests. It would be too critical a vulnerability and too serious a risk to our common security," says Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, during a press conference in Brussels.

The EU Commission also announces that it will no longer use services dependent on Huawei and ZTE. This puts Huawei phone users in a precarious situation, as they may experience limitations or even loss of access to essential services.

What Does This Mean for the Average Consumer?

With the EU Commission's shift in stance and urging to avoid technology from Huawei and ZTE, owners of Huawei phones may face future challenges if telecom companies and service providers follow the Commission's recommendations. This may include limitations in software updates, network compatibility, and access to apps and services.

According to the EU Commission, 24 of the 27 member states have already adopted rules allowing them to impose restrictions on tech giants like Huawei and ZTE. But only ten countries have so far made use of these rules.

Breton points out that the process of excluding high-risk suppliers is going too slowly, which may indicate that the EU wants to see more decisive actions towards warding off potential security threats from Chinese tech companies.

Thursday's announcement from the EU Commission falls in line with a global trend of increased mistrust towards Chinese technology companies.

It's worth noting that the USA already last year issued a ban on new teleproducts from Huawei and ZTE, citing an "unacceptable risk" to national security.

For consumers dependent on Huawei phones, this may be a wakeup call to start exploring alternative brands.

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