Five Old Mobile Phones Worth a 'Fortune'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.06 - 2024 9:46 AM CET

Do you still have old mobile phones stashed away at home? Among them, there might be a genuine collector's item worth a lot of money.

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To stay technologically updated, we spend thousands on the latest smartphones. However, selling one of your old devices could potentially finance your next phone purchase.

Indeed, some of the earliest mobile phones now hold tremendous collector's value, especially if the original packaging is intact. The media outlet Senest delved into eBay listings to compile a list of the most valuable mobile phones.

  1. Motorola DynaTAC 8000x

Owners of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x have hit the jackpot. Launched in 1983, the first commercially sold mobile phone came with a hefty price tag of around 4,000 US dollars.

Weighing a kilogram and measuring 33 centimeters in length, it wasn't exactly pocket-friendly. Today, the device can fetch up to $8.600 in good condition, provided you can find an interested buyer. In Switzerland, a Motorola DynaTAC 8000x from 1983, complete with original manual, case, and charger, was up for bidding on eBay starting at $92.300, with a buy-it-now price of $130.000.

  1. iPhone 2G

The launch of the first iPhone by Apple in 2007 marked the dawn of a new era. It was no longer just about making calls or sending texts. You had a small computer in your pocket that was extremely easy to use.

Technically, the iPhone 2G is almost obsolete today. Yet, collectors are willing to pay a pretty penny for a first-generation iPhone. The value greatly depends on the device's condition. A used iPhone 2G might bring in around $160, while unused or originally packaged models can command up to $2,170 or more.

  1. Nokia 8110

Released in 1996 and famously featured in the 1999 cult film 'The Matrix', the Nokia 8110 gained worldwide fame. Its sliding cover and curved design earned it the nickname 'Matrix banana'. Back then, customers paid just under $1.070 for the device.

Holding onto this phone could be lucrative, as still originally packaged models may fetch up to three times the original sale price. However, if the phone is used, its value decreases significantly, with a maximum of $108 to be gained.

  1. Nokia 8800

Phones from the Finnish manufacturer Nokia were absolute cult favorites in the 1990s and early 2000s until Apple introduced the first smartphone, ushering in a new era.

What was released by Nokia until then can be valuable today, like the Nokia 8800. Launched in 2005, it was considered a luxury mobile due to its scratch-resistant screen and elegant sliding mechanism.

Used devices still change hands on eBay for between $130 to $217. If you have an unused phone lying around at home, it could bring in up to $869.

The Nokia 8800 also has Arte Carbon and Sirocco versions, which are even more valuable. Sellers on eBay list these editions for around $1.300.

  1. Motorola 3200

This old Motorola 3200 still finds its admirers today: It's the successor to the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x and hit the market about ten years later. The 3200 weighs half as much as its predecessor but is just as cumbersome. Prices for the device are around $109. If the original packaging is still included, it could sell for between $326 and $869.