Gmail update on the horizon: Could be the end for spam

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.05 - 2023 9:40 AM CET

Could be the end for spam.

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Google Workspace is planning to ramp up Gmail's security in the coming year, focusing on making it more difficult for spam emails to flood users' inboxes.

The tech giant will not start rolling out these updates until February 1, 2024.

The new requirements are designed to make Gmail more secure and user-friendly, particularly for large users who may be especially susceptible to phishing and malware attacks.

According to Digital Trends, last month, for instance, a team of hackers was able to infiltrate Microsoft Teams to execute a phishing scam called "DarkGate Loader."

Collaborating with Yahoo

Google Workspace is pushing forward with new requirements that include email authentication, easy unsubscribe options, and email guarantees.

Yahoo is collaborating with Google to also adopt these requirements, aiming to make it an industry standard.

One-Click unsubscribe and limited spam

Users will be able to unsubscribe from commercial emails with a single click and a two-day processing time. Email insurance for mass users will limit the amount of spam in an inbox, making less spam visible.

Google noted that while these requirements are already common practice for many Gmail users, their strict implementation will help improve the platform's health starting from February 2024.