Google Chrome Introduces Major Change: One Click Makes It Happen

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.25 - 2024 10:36 AM CET

Photo: PixieMe /
Photo: PixieMe /
Google Chrome has just unveiled a significant change.

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It hasn't escaped anyone's notice that the AI train is now speeding along at 180 kilometers per hour, and Google Chrome has introduced a revolutionary feature that could change how we interact with the internet.

The feature, named 'Help me Write,' offers users an unprecedentedly easy way to integrate AI into the writing process directly through the browser.

With just a single right-click in any text field on Chrome, users can now receive assistance from artificial intelligence to formulate and improve their writing, reports Gizmodo.

The initiative has so far been met with enthusiasm and is expected to have a "major and lasting impact on the internet."

A spokesperson from the company behind Chrome stated that the purpose of 'Help me Write' is to make AI technology more accessible and usable for the average user, without the need to be an expert:

"We actually believe that it will help people to write more confidently and ultimately improve the quality of the content they post," the statement reads.

This underscores Google's ambition to make advanced technologies an integrated part of everyday life, enabling users to express themselves clearly and effectively.

The new writing assistant is part of the latest update to Chrome, version M122, and is initially available only in English. 'Help me Write' is not yet available on mobile devices.

In the video below, you can see how the writing assistant can help you.

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