Google Launches Gemini: An AI Language Model to Rival ChatGPT

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.06 - 2023 10:34 PM CET

Photo: Google Gemini Logo
Photo: Google Gemini Logo
Gemini has been launched by Google.

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According to, Google has recently unveiled their latest language model, Gemini, which reportedly surpasses OpenAI's ChatGPT in 30 out of 32 aspects. Over the past year, OpenAI's ChatGPT has been leading the AI language model scene, but Google has now stepped up with the launch of Gemini.

This new AI model, as claimed by Google, outperforms OpenAI's GPT-4 in most benchmarks for large language models (LLMs). Gemini has been integrated into Google's Bard chatbot, marking a significant upgrade since the chatbot's inception. Gemini is available in three versions: Nano, Pro, and Ultra, each tailored to different capacities and applications. Initially, consumers will have access to the Nano and Pro versions through various tools and interfaces, while the Ultra version is reserved for clients requiring advanced AI capabilities.

Interestingly, Google only reveals one benchmark where their model falls short against GPT-4, in the HellaSwag test, which assesses "commonsense reasoning for everyday activities." Bard, powered by Gemini Pro, is now available in 170 countries in English, with plans to add more languages soon. Early next year, Bard will be upgraded to Gemini Ultra, which is still undergoing fine-tuning and security checks.

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Gemini will also be integrated into other Google products like Pixel 8 Pro phones, Google searches, Google's advertising business, Chrome, and Duet AI. The latter brings Gemini into Google Workspace, positioning it as a direct competitor to Microsoft's Copilot, recently upgraded to GPT-4.

This development indicates intensified competition in the AI language model market, with major players like Google and OpenAI vying to provide the most advanced and user-friendly solutions. With the launch of Gemini, it's clear that AI technology continues to evolve rapidly, promising exciting innovations in the future.

If you're interested in experiencing the new Gemini AI language model for yourself, you can do so for free. Simply click on this link to access Google's AI model.

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