Google Launches New Feature to Combat Scammers

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.16 - 2024 3:07 PM CET

Google is set to introduce a new feature designed to eliminate unwanted and potentially dangerous calls.

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Have you ever wished you could identify an unknown caller before picking up? Google may soon offer a solution that could make this possible.

Google is gearing up to enhance user security and convenience with a new feature in its Android app designed to identify unknown callers before you answer the phone.

This upcoming tool, currently in beta testing as reported by, promises significant improvements in handling calls from unfamiliar numbers.

How It Works

The feature integrates a quick Google search function directly into the call interface.

Alongside the traditional options to answer or reject a call, users will find a new button that allows them to conduct an instant Google search on the incoming number.

This search can reveal important information about the caller, such as business affiliations, user reviews, and warnings if the number is known for spam or scam activities.

Benefits of the New Feature

The primary advantage of this feature is its potential to prevent users from falling victim to unwanted or harmful calls.

By providing information about the caller upfront, it helps users make informed decisions about whether to engage with the call. This not only saves time but also reduces the frustration associated with telemarketing and scam calls.

While the feature is set to offer enhanced call screening capabilities, its success will largely depend on its ability to accurately identify and filter out undesirable calls without compromising user privacy. Google is expected to ensure that the integration of this search function adheres to strict privacy standards to protect user data.

Although the feature is only available to beta testers at the moment, Google plans to extend its availability to a wider audience soon, depending on the outcomes of the current testing phase.

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