Media: Sony Eyes Future with PS6 on the Horizon for 2027

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.16 - 2024 9:44 AM CET

Photo: Rokas Tenys /
Photo: Rokas Tenys /
Sony Eyes Future with PS6 on the Horizon for 2027.

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With the PlayStation 5 marking its entrance into the second phase of its lifecycle, Sony is looking ahead, hinting at a potential PlayStation 6 launch around 2027. This is reported by The Shortcut.

The PS5, which hit the market on November 19, 2020, has been a consumer favorite for just over three years. Despite its popularity, Sony has noted a slowdown in PS5 sales, sparking speculation about the introduction of both a PS5 Pro and the next-generation PS6 sooner than anticipated.

During a recent financial briefing, Hiroki Totoki, Sony's President, COO, and CFO, reflected on the PS5's journey, stating,

"As we approach the fifth year since the PS5's launch in 2025, we're mindful of the console cycle's progression into its latter stages. Our strategy will pivot towards balancing sales with profitability, anticipating a gradual decrease in unit sales starting from the next fiscal year."

Historically, Sony has maintained a 6- to 7-year interval between console releases, with the PS4 and PS3 enjoying lengthy tenures before making way for their successors.

Given this pattern, a 2027 release date for the PS6 aligns with Sony's previous launch schedules. However, the current generation has faced unique challenges, including stock shortages exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which Sony announced had been resolved in January of the previous year.

Looking forward, Sony has disclosed that no new titles from "existing major franchises" for the PS5 are expected until post-April 2025. This timeline suggests that Sony is gearing up for a robust lineup of exclusive titles for the PS6, aiming to ensure a strong market debut. Additionally, Sony might bolster the PS5's legacy with significant releases towards the end of its cycle, followed by enhanced versions for the PS6, mirroring the transition strategy employed in the current generation.

Sony remains unfazed by the immediate demand for the PS6, focusing on innovation and the inclusion of distinct features beyond enhanced graphics to distinguish the next-gen console in a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

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