Microsoft's New Computers Record Everything You Do

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.23 - 2024 10:46 AM CET

Microsoft's latest computers come with a feature that records all user activities, raising questions about privacy and security.

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Microsoft has announced that their new line of computers will include a feature designed to record everything users do.

This feature is part of the company's Copilot AI technology, designed to help users find past activities and information quickly and efficiently.

Copilot will be an integral part of Microsoft's upcoming operating system and promises to improve the user experience.

The Copilot function can remember and recall previous actions, which can be useful in many contexts. According to Microsoft, this can mean faster access to documents, better organization of work tasks, and easier navigation in the system.

"Copilot is designed to make everyday life easier for users by remembering and assisting with routine tasks," says a Microsoft spokesperson.

Despite the potential benefits, the introduction of Copilot has sparked privacy and security concerns.

The feature's capacity to record and store all user actions has raised alarms about potential privacy violations. Critics worry that Copilot could act as a surveillance tool, collecting data without users' full consent.

Microsoft assures that Copilot has been designed with user privacy in mind and that all data will be treated with high security.

"We take privacy very seriously and have built multiple layers of security into Copilot," Microsoft says.

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