Motorola pushes boundaries with new mobile concept and AI Integration

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.09 - 2023 7:56 AM CET

Photo: Motorola/PR
Photo: Motorola/PR
Motorola pushes boundaries with new mobile concept and AI Integration.

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Motorola, owned by the Chinese company Lenovo, has showcased a concept phone that could redefine the smartphone experience. At the recent Lenovo Tech World '23, Motorola presented a phone with a bendable screen and enhanced AI features, signaling a shift in how we perceive mobile devices.

The company is taking its AI endeavors to the next level, showcasing innovations that redefine the possibilities for flexible hardware. Among these developments is a sophisticated personal assistant, part of Motorola's ongoing efforts to develop new AI features that will provide more control over the camera, battery, screen, and overall device performance.

Motorola envisions a transformative shift in the smartphone experience, with AI at the core, serving as both a personal assistant and a tool to enhance daily tasks, improve performance, and create more meaningful experiences for users.

Photo: Motorola/PR

The concept phone boasts a super-bendable screen that can be worn on the wrist, offering a new way for users to carry their device. The adaptive display transitions from a standard 6.9-inch Android phone setup to a compact 4.6-inch screen when folded, reminiscent of the outer screen on the foldable Motorola Razr.

Motorola's AI functions, known as MotoAI, are designed to learn from user behavior, answering questions, drafting messages, and planning activities while ensuring data privacy remains on the device.

Photo: Motorola/PR

It's important to note that the phone depicted is a concept model, illustrating potential ideas and capabilities, and is not yet ready for sale. This development comes as Google also works on integrating its AI, Bard, into Google Assistant to assist with tasks like planning trips and sending messages.

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