Tech Expert Reveals Two Apps That Destroy Your Phone’s Battery Life

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.18 - 2024 1:23 PM CET

If your smartphone battery life is poor, it might be due to these two apps that are notorious for draining power.

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Having a smartphone with a short battery life can be frustrating.

While many apps run in the background and consume power, two apps in particular are notorious for draining your battery.

Tech expert Zeeshan Arif, founder and CEO of software company Whizpool, reveals that Fitbit and Skype are among the most battery-draining apps available.

These apps can quickly deplete your phone’s battery even when not in active use.


Fitbit is a popular app for tracking fitness and sleep.

While it’s great for monitoring your activities, it’s also a prominent battery hog.

According to Arif, deleting the Fitbit app can save you hours of battery life on a new iPhone. The app runs constantly in the background to track your activity and sleep, which rapidly drains the battery.


Skype, once a leading app for video calls, is also known for its high battery consumption.

Although it has been overtaken by apps like Zoom during the pandemic, Skype remains a significant battery guzzler.

Arif recommends avoiding Skype to conserve your phone’s power, suggesting that other video calling apps are less demanding on the battery.

Tips to Improve Battery Life

To extend your smartphone’s battery life, consider deleting or limiting the use of Fitbit and Skype.

Additionally, check your settings to see which apps use the most power and prevent them from updating automatically in the background.

This can help reduce overall power consumption and improve your phone’s battery life.