The Worst Way to Charge Your Phone: A Common Mistake Many Make

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.15 - 2024 8:02 PM CET

Most people are doing it wrong.

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Every one of us uses a phone and it's hard to imagine life without this device.

It's no secret that we use our phones so frequently that sometimes we even charge them more than once a day. Unfortunately, many people are doing it wrong.

Here's how to properly charge your phone to ensure the battery lasts as long as possible.

Phones: Not Just for Calls Anymore

Long gone are the days when a phone was just a device for making calls. We use a plethora of mobile applications daily that facilitate communication and handle routine (including official and banking) matters.

Given the amount of time we spend with our phones in hand each day, their batteries deplete quickly. Interestingly, it's not just the frequency of use that impacts this, but also the way we charge them.

How Not to Charge Your Phone

Many of us wait until the phone's battery is completely drained. This is a mistake that shortens the battery's lifespan. Experts recommend not waiting for the smartphone to fully discharge.

However, this doesn't mean it's a good idea to leave the phone charging overnight. This is another unfortunately popular mistake. The battery should not be charged to 100%, and besides, being plugged in for several hours also adversely affects battery life.

The Correct Way to Charge Your Phone

If you want your phone to last for years, take care of it. How should you correctly charge your cell phone? Don't drain it to zero and don't charge it to 100%.

It's best to unplug the charger when the battery level reaches 90%. Make sure to use only the charger that is intended for your phone model. Moreover, we recommend not using the phone while it is charging. This allows the processor to be relieved.

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