Tips from a Former Apple Employee to Extend iPhone Battery Life

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.20 - 2023 8:30 AM CET

Tips from a Former Apple Employee to Extend iPhone Battery Life.

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Tyler Morgan, a former Apple employee, has shared some valuable tips for iPhone users to prolong their device's battery life. These suggestions come as many users experience a decrease in battery performance over time.

Simple Yet Effective Strategies

According to Indiatoday, Morgan's first piece of advice is to turn off the phone's Bluetooth feature when not in use, as it's rarely needed and can drain the battery.

He also recommends disabling the background app refresh, which can consume power even when apps are not actively being used.

Other strategies include switching off location services, reducing Siri usage, and dimming the phone's brightness. These actions help conserve battery life as the phone expends less energy on these functions.

The 'Sweet Spot' for Charging

A less known tip from Morgan is to maintain the iPhone's battery charge within a 'sweet spot' of 30 to 80 percent. Fully draining the battery and then charging it to 100 percent can strain the battery over time. Keeping the charge within this range can help extend the battery's lifespan.

While these tips can help, they require more active management of the phone's settings. Some Apple users have also reported that certain updates seem to drain the battery more quickly, with some experiencing rapid depletion in just a few hours.

Morgan suggests adjusting the 'Reduce White Point' setting, accessible through the Accessibility menu. This setting reduces the intensity of bright colors on the screen, which can save battery life.

These tips from a former Apple employee offer practical ways to extend the battery life of an iPhone. While some require regular monitoring of the phone's settings, they can be beneficial for those looking to maximize their device's performance.

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