Waze Drops Two Features in New Update

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.15 - 2024 2:45 PM CET

Photo: Diego Thomazini / Shutterstock.com
Photo: Diego Thomazini / Shutterstock.com
Waze Drops Two Features in New Update.

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In this latest Waze update, there's both good and bad news! The new update of Waze brings changes that might not sit well with drivers.

There's no questioning the significance of Waze in the lives of millions of drivers. Over the past few months, numerous features have been implemented in the app, including one that helps you save valuable time and money.

However, more updates are on the way to Waze. This involves a change that not only visually alters the interface but also makes accessing reports easier.

Previously, users had to navigate through two or three menus to reach the desired option. Now, the navigation app quickly updates the interface, presenting more specific options for each category and will automatically send the report after a few seconds.

This update is valid for both Android and iOS users. Now, it's time to learn about the less good news...

Not All Is Good News on Waze

However, this update also resulted in the removal of some options previously available.

One of the most notable is that it is no longer possible to report dead animals on the road, which is no longer present in the "Hazards" report menu, as noted by some users.

Furthermore, the option to report a car stopped in the middle of the road has also been removed, although you can still report a car parked on the side of the road. While the redesign has brought improvements to the reporting interface, the removal of some functionalities may hinder the specificity of reports made by users.

Are you a fan of Waze? What do you think about these changes?

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