WhatsApp to Receive Major Update: Here's Everything That's Changing

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.19 - 2024 10:28 AM CET

Photo: Antonio Salaverry / Shutterstock.com
Photo: Antonio Salaverry / Shutterstock.com
Here's Everything That's Changing.

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The long-awaited major update for WhatsApp is soon to arrive. Along with several changes, a date has now been announced.

"We are updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for users in the European region," WhatsApp announced. "The updated terms will come into effect on April 11, 2024."

"We are adding more information to our terms about our guidelines and policies, which describe what is and isn't allowed on WhatsApp. We are also adding details about a new EU requirement that enables sending messages from WhatsApp to supporting third-party apps."

"If you choose to use Channels, we explain how we apply guidelines for them, how you can report content and file objections, and how channels are recommended."

Age Requirement in Europe

A significant change is the adjustment of the age limit. "The minimum age to use WhatsApp in the European region is being changed from 16 years to 13 years. This update creates a consistent minimum age for WhatsApp globally."

"As always, your personal messages and calls remain end-to-end encrypted. No one else can read or listen to them, not even WhatsApp."

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