Forget Turkey and Croatia: This Hidden 'Pearl' is Cheaper and with Fairy-Tale Views

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.15 - 2024 2:32 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
This Hidden 'Pearl' is Cheaper and with Fairy-Tale Views.

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Albania is consistently gaining popularity over the past few years. Every year, more and more tourists are turning their attention to this European destination with turquoise waters and paradise-like nature. Albania has the potential to become a real hit in the upcoming summer season.

It tempts with azure waters, a diverse coastline full of paradise spots, and extraordinary nature - the local mountains will impress even the most discerning with their views. Its advantage lies in the prices, which are lower on-site than in most popular European destinations.

Dining out costs much less than in Greece or Spain. You can have a pita for as little as $1.98, pizza or fish with sides such as salad and fries from $5.94. Coffee costs from $0.99, and beer $1.48-$2.47. Due to its tempting prices, Albania is called the "cheaper sister of Croatia" or the "affordable European Maldives".

Photo: Wiki Commons

Albania Gains Popularity

"Albania appeared in the programs of travel agencies a few years ago. Initially, clients treated this destination firstly as a cheaper alternative to other charter vacations, and secondly as a place where their neighbors and acquaintances had not been, meaning new, intriguing, different, somewhat foreign," says Marzena German from

"Today, Albania enjoys no shortage of popularity, and people eagerly fly there for typical organized vacations. The offer is constantly expanding for two reasons – firstly, more and more airlines are adding connections from regional airports to Albania to their network, and secondly, the hotel offer is systematically being expanded. Additional well-known and liked hotel chains are opening their facilities there, thereby also increasing the quality range of the offer," the expert explains.

Photo: Wiki Commons

Among the airlines that will appear in Albania for the first time this summer is Ryanair. Last year, only Wizz Air flew to Tirana, but starting from this winter, the capital of Albania has also been included in the network of connections by the second popular low-cost airline.

"Ryanair wants to ensure radical and sustainable tourism development in Albania not just this winter, but for many years. For too long, the development of new routes and traffic growth in Albania was hindered by established carriers offering high fares," announced Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair.

Albania is a developmental direction for the carrier, which will show its full potential precisely in the upcoming summer season.

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