Kensington Palace Updates on Princess Kate's Health, Quieting Rumors

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.29 - 2024 3:00 PM CET

Kensington Palace Updates on Princess Kate's Health, Quieting Rumors.

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Kensington Palace recently addressed the public's curiosity regarding Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, following her abdominal surgery, which had sparked widespread speculation on the internet.

Palace's Clarification Amid Speculation

According to Cosmopolitan a spokesperson for the princess dispelled rumors circulating on social media by emphasizing the palace's commitment to transparency regarding her recovery process. "In January, Kensington Palace outlined the expected timeline for the princess' recovery, stating that only significant updates would be provided. This approach remains unchanged," the spokesperson stated. He further assured the public that the princess is "doing well," quelling concerns about her well-being.

Details of the Surgery and Recovery

The palace had previously announced that Princess Kate underwent a "planned" operation on January 16. The surgery was deemed successful, and it was anticipated that Kate would need to stay in the hospital for 10 to 14 days before she could return home to continue her recovery. The officials advised that the princess was likely to resume public duties only after Easter, based on medical guidance at the time.

By January 29, the palace confirmed that Kate had returned to her home in Windsor, where she was reportedly "making good progress" in her recovery. While the exact nature of her diagnosis has not been disclosed, it is understood that it is not cancer-related.

Royal Family Health Concerns

The update on Princess Kate's health comes amidst other health concerns within the royal family. Buckingham Palace revealed on February 5 that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer, though the type and severity of the diagnosis remain unspecified, with assurances that it is not prostate cancer. The king underwent surgery on January 26 and was released from the hospital after three days, coincidentally where Princess Kate had also been treated.

In a separate health update, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and former wife of Prince Andrew, has been diagnosed with malignant skin cancer amidst her treatment for breast cancer, adding to the royal family's health challenges.


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