11-year-old malaysian boy with one leg finishes last in 100m race but captures the internet's heart

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.01 - 2023 10:00 PM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
He did everyone proud.

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Although he finished last in a 100m race, 11-year-old Aqil Naufal Zahiran from Malaysia has won the hearts of internet users with his incredible determination and resilience. Aqil participated in his school's athletics championship for special education students in Jerantut, Pahang. The video capturing his performance has been viewed over 650,000 times.

Aqil, who lost his leg in 2015 due to a bacterial infection, ran the race using two crutches. While the other participants quickly disappeared from view, Aqil steadily continued. A woman, later identified as his teacher, ran alongside him to offer her support.

Before the race, Aqil had been nervous, feeling that all eyes would be on him. However, he was determined to complete the race. "Even when my friends were far ahead, I kept going because I thought that no matter what happened, I would finish the race," he said.

His teacher, Ms. Intan Zulaikha Jusoh, who had invited him to participate, was incredibly proud of her student's spirit. "I didn't expect him to compete to the fullest and reach the finish line. It made me proud of his spirit," she stated.

Aqil added that he was relieved to cross the finish line and felt happy, especially when his teacher came to congratulate him. He also said he wouldn't turn down another opportunity to participate in a race.

The online reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising Aqil for his incredible determination and his teacher for her support.