8 gross signs revealing you no longer have any boundaries in your relationsship

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Oct.08 - 2023 11:43 AM CET

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Photo: Shutterstock
How many of these things do you do in each other’s company?

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If your relationship over the years has turned into having farting contests on the sofa, disgusting toilet habits as well as peculiar hygienic habits, our guess is you are very familiar with a few of the bullet points below – and that indicates you’ve been together so long your boundaries are long gone. 

1. The more years - the more hair 

As your relationship has grown, the same has happened to your body hair. At the beginning of your love encounter all hair was likely to be removed on legs and testicles as well as in the bikini area and in the armpits whether it tooks shaving or waxing. But these days the wilderness is allowed to grow and you don’t really care whether your skin is baby smooth or rough and hairy. 

2. ’Did you just fart?’

Once upon a time, you’d hold on to your gasses for a whole evening even though you were about to explode. Today, however, you are no longer hesitant to fart freely into each other’s company, resulting in blazing duvets and ozone-depleting scenes all over the hoouse. Oh, and you are not just relaxed when it comes to booty burbs – you are of course relaxed when it comes to burbing from all outlets.

3. Peeing with the door open 

Once upon a time the door was securely locked when you were going to the bathroom, but now you don’t even bother to shot the door when you have to pee. A lot of couples also pee happily in front of each other, and some even gladly do ”number two” with the partner in the bathroom. Talking about stools… 

4. .... It's no longer a taboo when you need to do more than just peeing. If you really have something in the you need to get rid of, it no longer takes loud music, running water and loads of paper in the toilet to let it all out – and today the phrase 'I'm just gonna go take a dump' is as common as 'we need more toilet paper'.

5. Nose picking  and nail biting

Once upon a time, you were good at keeping your less flattering habits in check when you were with your new love. But in the reality of today you carefree and joyful pick your nose, bite your nails or break your fingers while watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' next to your chosen one.

6. 'I'm just popping a pimple, honey

In the past, you’d do everything in your power to even out unclear skin and get rid of pimples before meeting up with your love. Today, you couldn’t care less and if you have a pimple that needs to be popped, it may even happen in your partner’s company. In fact, you are so relaxed in your relationship that you can get exited about removing your boyfriends blackheads too.

7. Toilet scare

Once upon a time you cared about keeping the toilet clean and tidy, so your better half wouldn’t think you did anything else in there besides but brushing your teeth and taking a shower. Now it’s a common sight to see a used pad or some used dental floss laying around and the toilet brush is neglected to such an extent that the toilet has permanent brown stripes. 

8. Disgusting bathing habits

When you met, you showered all the time. Today it suits you just fine not showering for days if you are just chillin’ at home. A greasy, smelling armpit doesn’t scare you and if you do decide to get the dirt off but also need to take a leak, you are not afraid of just doing it right there and then in the shower.

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