9-year-old student's letter brings teacher to tears

Written by Fergus Hart

Sep.05 - 2023 11:22 PM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
The 9-year-olds letter brought the teacher to tears.

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A heartwarming gesture from a 9-year-old student has become a viral sensation on the internet, touching the hearts of many.

Gemma Dunnes, a teacher from Glasgow, Scotland, walked into her weekly teaching session on a Monday morning, despite having faced a challenging weekend. Over the weekend, she had to say goodbye to her 18-month-old golden retriever, Charlie, who was laid to rest after battling a heart tumor.

The sad news of Charlie's passing deeply affected Gemma's students, who could sense her grief. "My students seemed to empathize with me. I felt it was important to share it with them. They knew about Charlie, as I had often talked about him and shown pictures and videos," Gemma shared with Today.

One of the students, named Callum, decided to spend his free time creating a special surprise for his downcast teacher. At the end of the day, Callum handed over his finished project: a heartfelt letter.

The letter was a tribute to the beloved dog, and when Gemma read it later at home, she couldn't hold back her tears. She shared the words of the letter with her daughter, Lucie, who was also deeply moved. They decided to share a picture of the letter on social media, where it spread like wildfire. Within just two days, the post had received over 130,000 likes.

After receiving this touching letter, Gemma has experienced overwhelming attention from strangers: "The most remarkable thing is that people are calling me as if they knew Charlie. Charlie was our loving big dog, and suddenly he was known all over the world. People are showing incredible compassion."

The letter can be seen below:

Photo: Private

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