A Festive Prank in Tampa: Inflatable Gingerbread Chases Amazon Delivery Driver

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.26 - 2023 9:10 AM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
Inflatable Gingerbread Chases Amazon Delivery Driver.

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In Tampa, Florida, a delivery driver experienced an unexpected and humorous encounter during his routine.

A local woman, dressed in an inflatable gingerbread man costume, decided to play a festive prank. She inflated herself and waited to surprise the Amazon delivery driver.

The Surprise Unfolds

As the driver approached to deliver a package, the woman, fully inflated in her gingerbread costume, sprang into action.

She sprinted towards the driver, who was visibly startled by the sudden movement of what he thought was just a Christmas decoration.

The moment, captured on video and shared on social media, shows both the driver and the prankster laughing after the initial shock. The driver exclaimed, "you scared the h out of me."

A Day Made Brighter

The woman behind the prank told Storyful that her intention was to bring a bit of joy and laughter to her Amazon driver.

She succeeded, as she was told that her playful act 'made his day.'

Watch the funny video below

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