Airport customs catches woman with giraffe dung: Her intentions were unbelievable

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Oct.07 - 2023 10:17 AM CET

Photo: US Customs and Border Protection
Photo: US Customs and Border Protection

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In a peculiar incident at the airport, a traveler caused a stir with a package that emitted a foul odor.

The package, as it turned out, was filled with giraffe feces. The woman, returning to the United States from Kenya, was intercepted with this unusual cargo at the Saint Paul International Airport in Minneapolis on September 29.

Customs officers at airports are accustomed to witnessing a variety of unusual items being transported by travelers. However, it is not every day that someone attempts to smuggle giraffe dung into the country.

The woman had a small box in her possession, which, apart from a single shell, contained thirteen pieces of giraffe dung. When questioned by the customs officers, the woman explained that she intended to craft a necklace using the giraffe excrement.

This unique and unconventional idea for jewelry did not pass muster with the customs officials. Adhering to regulations and procedures, the officers confiscated and subsequently destroyed the package of giraffe feces.

The woman's creative endeavor to fashion a piece of jewelry from animal waste was thwarted, highlighting the stringent measures in place at customs to regulate the items travelers can bring into the country.

Giraffes have been a source of fascination and inspiration for many due to their unique physiology and graceful presence. Their dung, like that of other herbivores, primarily consists of plant material. While it might seem unusual, using animal by-products, including waste, for artistic and creative projects is not unheard of in various cultures around the world.

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