America's Got Talent judges demand contestant leave the stage: Then shortly after give 'Him' a yes

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.17 - 2023 9:50 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
First they demanded he leave the stage, but a second later they give him a yes.

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In a recent episode of the American version of "Got Talent," a contestant named Sunny Chatum took the stage, leaving both the audience and judges at their wits' end. C

hatum, who walked on stage confidently wearing a cowboy hat and holding a ukulele, led everyone to believe he would perform an old-school rock or country song. However, that was far from what happened.

A bizarre performance

Instead of singing, Chatum began talking about his passion for car restoration and presented his "dream board" to the studio audience.

His increasingly strange act left the judges bewildered. The judges' frustration escalated when Chatum showed a picture where "the audience loves him" and started talking about his grandmother.

Simon Cowell intervened, trying to hurry the contestant along, but to no avail.

Crossing the line

Chatum continued to perplex everyone by complimenting judge Sofia Vergara and asking the judges to help him choose a song to perform.

This was the last straw for judge Howie Mandel, who angrily pressed the red buzzer. The audience also grew impatient, and boos filled the studio.

Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara followed suit, pressing their red buzzers, and Heidi Klum did the same, effectively ending Chatum's performance.

The big twist

However, Chatum did not leave the stage even when the judges explicitly asked him to.

Suddenly, he began scraping off his facial hair, revealing that he was actually a New York-based comedian named Krista Komondor.

The audience and judges slowly realized they had been pranked. Howie Mandel immediately changed his opinion and gave her a standing ovation. The judges' voting ended with three "yes" votes.

Watch the bizarre performance in the video below:

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