Astonishing Video Captures Black-Eyed Squid with Thousands of Eggs

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.07 - 2024 11:17 AM CET

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
The footage of the Black-Eyed Squid is remarkable.

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A breathtaking video released by the Schmidt Ocean Institute has captured the mesmerizing and somewhat eerie sight of a black-eyed squid, scientifically known as Gonatus Onyx, floating with thousands of eggs attached to its arms.

This captivating footage, showcasing a rare aspect of marine life, has been making waves on social media for its unique glimpse into the underwater world.

The Black-Eyed Squid's Remarkable Brooding Process

Unlike most squids, the black-eyed squid is known for brooding its eggs. In the video, this cephalopod is seen carrying a large egg mass, suspended from hooks on its arms. This maternal process, which lasts for several months, requires the squid to go without feeding, a testament to its remarkable adaptation and survival instincts.

The Schmidt Ocean Institute explained this phenomenon in their Instagram post, noting that the squid, while brooding, remains neutrally buoyant. This state allows the squid to conserve energy by remaining motionless, as it cannot swim very quickly during this period, making it vulnerable to predators like deep-diving marine mammals. The creature was spotted off the Costa Rica Caballito Outcrop on Dive 625.

Watch the remarkable video below

Since its release a few days ago, the video has garnered nearly 410,000 views and over 28,000 likes, with Instagram users sharing mixed reactions. While some have found the scene beautiful, others have admitted it left them feeling a bit scared.